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Hey There! I’m Gurleen

A foodie at heart and an Analyst by Profession

Join me on a journey to experience and create with me cuisines from around the world. I am an Indian by origin but love to travel and believe that food is the representation of cultures from across the world. Intrigued by the same, I decided to create and share with you recipes from around the world that you can easily replicate from the convenience of your kitchen!

My motive is for you to stop, reflect, and appreciate the flavors and comfort that food has to offer. Indulge in the flavourful spices, meats, and vegetables cooked together to bring out aromatic flavors and make every dish nourishing and palatable.

herbs n garlic
herbs n garlic travels

Herbs n Garlic bring to you recipes that will nourish your body and excite your taste buds which will remain the motto always. Apart from the recipes; you can find Articles on Nutrition & Wellness, Detailed Ingredients Glossary and Travel posts. I also have a Video section; where you can access all videos related to Recipes, Travel, Adventure and Lifestyle!


Where can I find all the recipes?

All recipes are available are on the website under the recipe page. Under the recipe page you can filter your preferences for the recipe. You can also type in the search bar for a particular recipe. 

What kind of recipes will I find on Herbs N Garlic Website?

You will find easy, healthy recipes, healthy sugar-free desserts, chicken dinner, under 30 minute meals, vegan and vegetarian recipes, quick recipes to whip up in minutes and more!

What else can I find on Herbs N Garlic Website?

Apart from the delicious recipes, you can read blog posts on Nutrition & Health, Ingredients Glossary, Wellness, Videos and Travel posts. You will find all blog posts and videos under Article tab and Videos tab respectively.

Why do you have Travel blog posts on the website?

I love travelling and I always get asked so many questions about it and hence comes the travel posts. You can find travel posts about all places I visit, where to stay, what to eat and travel itineraries. And since I love in Toronto, you will find everything you need to know about the city.

Are you a full-time food blogger?

No, Blogging and content creation is my part-time job and love. I work full-time job as a product manager in Toronto.

How can I support you as a creator?

I am grateful to all of you who visit my website and follow me on my socials. Best way to support me is by following me, engaging with my content on socials and website through likes, comments, shares. Buying anything with my affiliate links also supports me as I earn a tiny commission through them.

What social platforms are you currently on?

Currently I am Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest as well as Tiktok. I am more active on Instagram and Youtube.

Do you do sponsored posts on the website or through your socials?

Yes, I do sponsored posts on my website and socials. You can contact me for more details or if you like do a sponsored posts with me. Details on my Work with Me page!

Is there a way to contact you?

You can reach out to me for general inquiries through the contact form or email me at: info@herbsngarlic.com

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