chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate is love for me. But I do keep my chocolate intake in control and balance it with good dark chocolate and milk chocolates. Chocolate has been associated with a lot of bad press but the antioxidants present in it has ranging benefits. Dark chocolate is more beneficial; the higher the cocoa level, the healthier the chocolate.

This chocolaty mousse has an amazing velvety, smooth texture. I added a combination of dark chocolate and milk chocolate with a couple of tablespoons of sugar which gives it a balanced chocolaty flavor. Enjoy this luscious dessert! I like to make mini cups of it; one for each day or meal!

easy mousse recipe

Prep Time: 5-7 mins
Cook Time: 15-20 mins
Yield: 18-20 mini cups (shot glasses)


4 Egg yolks
3 Tbsp Sugar
4 ounces Dark chocolate
4 ounces Milk chocolate
2 cups heavy cream
chocolate shaving (Optional)


In a small bowl separate 4 egg yolks and mix in 1 Tbsp sugar in it. Add mixture to a pan with 3/4th cup heavy cream and mix gently. In a separate bowl, mix both dark and milk chocolate and keep aside

chocolate mousse

Place the pan with cream and yolk mixture on medium-low heat. Let me thicken while gently stirring till it coats the back of a spoon. Make sure to keep stirring so that no lumps form. (If you do mess up and some lumps form then don’t worry we can still save it unless it’s too bad – Take the pan off-gas – Whisk the mixture with a whisker till lumps break and smooth texture is obtained and place it back on the gas till thickened)


Take the hot mixture and pour it on top of the chocolate. Do not mix. Let the chocolate melt with the heat of the custard

chocolate ganache
chocolate custard

While the chocolate melts. Take the remaining heavy cream. Using a hand blender or a whisk if you prefer; whisk the heavy cream till soft peaks start to form. Add remaining sugar and whisk again for a minute. Set aside

whipped cream

Mix the chocolate mixture and it will become this delicious chocolaty custard. (Taste it! It’s yum) If you feel the chocolate hasn’t completely melted then run the mixture in the microwave for 20 sec and mix vigorously. Do not overheat. Let the mixture cool

melted chocolate

Fold the whipped cream with the cooled chocolate mixture. Combine well!

chocolate mousse

Spoon the mixture in small cups to serve, top with chocolate shavings. I served mine in shot glasses! See the pictures below

delectable dessert
I hope you enjoy this smooth chocolaty dessert as much as I did. If you do, please make sure to share photos and tag Herbs_n_Garlic on Instagram
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