Date night dinner ideas & recipes

3 Course Meal Ideas for Date Night

Whether you are looking to plan 3-course meal ideas for dinner with your partner or make a day out of cooking nice meals together. I have got you covered from appetizers to meals along with some cocktails and delicious desserts. My hand-picked favorite recipes are all linked in this blog post to make your date night perfect!


date night cocktail

Tropical Celebrations – St-Germain, Orange Liqueur, Presco

almond baileys cocktail

Almond Enigma – Almond Baileys, Chocolate Liqueur, Whipped Cream

Icy vodka cocktail

Strawberry ThunderStorm – Strawberry-mint Ice cubes, Vodka, Ginger Ale


date night appetizers

Halloumi Cheese & Potato Skewers – Marinated halloumi Cheese with potato and veggies grilled to perfection

date night finger food

Chicken Sliders – Juicy, refreshing chicken sliders topped with mango dressing make for an excellent appetizer

shrimps in wine sauce

Shrimps in White Wine sauce – Romantic boozy appetizer to Impress

sweet corn fritters

Sweet Corn Fritters – An easy-to-whip appetizer that won’t disappoint

avocado jalapeno dip

Jalapeño Avocado Dip – A creamy delicious goodness you can never go wrong with



3-course meal idea

Chicken & Mushroom Tacos – Give the dinner a spicy tangy twist with this exotic-looking meal

chicken dinner

Stuffed Chicken with Sweet & Zesty sauce – An easy bake yet a very impressive dinner well paired with a nice cocktail

Spinach Ricotta casserole

Spinach & Ricotta Cheese Roll-Ups – A hearty, full meal idea that can be prepped ahead of time

Date night meal idea

Peanut Crusted Fish – Chunk it up and make tacos, wraps, or serve on a bed of Rice, it’s my ultimate pescatarian meal idea


chocolate Banana Pudding

Make-ahead Banana Chocolate Pudding sweetened with bananas and made fancier and tastier by grilled pineapples

5 minute quick dessert

Serve an Ice-cream and leftover cake or brownies in fancy cups with chocolate drizzle and marshmallows; a dessert you cannot go wrong with

easy chocolate fudge recipe

Impress with no-bake decadent chocolate fudge that literally takes under 10 mins to prep and can be made ahead of time

Rum flavoured Panna Cotta

Why not make a dessert bound to impress? Rum-flavored panna cotta topped with strawberry syrup is the ultimate date night dessert

nutella croissant recipe

Love Croissants? Make these easy bake mini croissants dipped in Nutella & topped with Chopped almonds

Hope you like my hand-picked recipes for a perfect date night. If you do try recipes from the list or from the blog, please share photos and tag Herbs_n_Garlic on Instagram or Facebook. Leave comments if you want me to make something of your choice.

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