Stuffed Chicken Breast in Butter Garlic Sauce

Looking for a protein-packed dinner. This stuffed chicken breast filled with caramelized onions, mushrooms, roasted cashews, and spinach tastes delicious and is super easy to make. The garlic and butter it’s cooked in make it super juicy and flavorful that every bite will leave you wanting more. Why wait? Let’s get cooking! 👩‍🍳
stuffed chicken

Prep Time: 10-15 mins
Cooking Time: 25-30 mins


2 chicken breast pieces (skin-on)
3 chopped garlic cloves
1 small sliced onion
1/4 cup cremini mushroom
1 cup spinach
5-6 chopped cashews (optional)
¼ cup of grated cottage cheese (substitute with any other cheese of your choice)
salt to taste
1 Tbsp pepper
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp chili powder
1 Tbsp dried oregano
1 Tbsp dried parsley (alternatively you can use fresh parsley in the sauce too)
4-5 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp oil
4-5 cherry tomatoes
1 tsp sugar


On medium-high heat add ½ Tbsp oil and 1 Tbsp butter in a pan; add sliced onions, salt, ½ Tbsp pepper, ½ Tbsp dried oregano, ½ Tbsp dried parsley, 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp chili powder, ¾ of chopped garlic and saute for 2-3 mins until golden brown. Add mushrooms and cashew to the pan and cook for 2-3 mins. Add Spinach till wilted

Slice the chicken breast from the middle (do not cut it all the way) enough to open the breast up as a butterfly. Take a rolling pin and flatten the breast gently. Add the filing to the breast, grated cottage cheese and fold it. If needed tie the breast with a thread or hold it with toothpicks so that it doesn’t fall apart

butterfly chicken

In a small bowl mix together salt, ½ Tbsp pepper, ½ Tbsp dried oregano, ½ Tbsp dried parsley and ½ Tbsp oil. Brush this mixture on the outer layer of both the chicken breast

In the same pan on medium-low heat, add 2½ Tbsp butter and remaining chopped garlic. Add the chicken breast and cook for 3-4 mins each side till cooked through completely. Use a lid to help the chicken cook through. Spoon the butter from the pan on top of the chicken while cooking; it will keep the chicken juicy and not dried out. Take it out and let the chicken rest till you make the sauce

In the same pan, add the remaining butter, halved cherry tomatoes, sugar and let it cook for 1-2 mins. Pour the sauce on top of the chicken and enjoy it!

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