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All About Apples & Apple Picking

The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has evolved through the centuries. The first recorded evidence of the phrase was in the 1860s; originally said as “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread”. It changed through centuries and in the early 20th century, someone decided to simplify it and use what we know today as; An apple a day keeps the doctor away🍎🍏

So how healthy are apples? Eating apples isn’t a cure it all but they can do a lot for you and are very healthy; thanks to plant chemicals called flavonoids. They even contain pectin, a fiber that breaks down in your gut.

But do you get those if you take off the skin? No, Skin plays an essential role in many fruits and vegetables in terms of health benefits and apple isn’t any different. If you take off the apple’s skin before eating it, you won’t get as much of the fiber or flavonoids.

Apples are bright crunchy fruit that can be easily incorporated in your everyday diet. The Best time to eat this delicious fruit is in the morning on an empty stomach; it starts your gut in the right way possible and keeps you active and fresh throughout.

Health Benefits of Apples

🍎They are nutritious, full of fiber, and vitamin C and contain polyphenols which may have numerous benefits of their own
🍏Since they are filling due to fiber and water content, they aid in weight loss as well
🍎Apples can promote heart health while soluble fiber keeps cholesterol on the lower end
🍏Pectin, a type of fiber in apples acts as a prebiotic which means it promotes good bacteria in your gut and keeps it stronger and healthier
🍎 Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in apples help regulate immune responses and might protect against asthma and may promote bone health as well as you grow

Bottom line is that apples are really good for health and have a lot of associated benefits if incorporated into your diet. But don’t forget the peel people! Because most of the benefits are concentrated in the peel🍎

Apple Varieties & Apple Picking

Apple picking is a fun activity where you go visit an apple farm and they take you in a tractor-trolley around the farm. Depending on the season there are multiple apple varieties that you can pick from as per your preference and what will you be cooking with it. Apples can come in red or green color and based on the variety and time of the year have either sweet, sour, or tarty flavors.

Apple Varieties for Cooking and Baking

🍎Honeycrisp: A sweet, juicy and crispy apple that can be eaten right away or be used in cooking desserts
🍏Cortland: A red-skinned, white-fleshed apple that is excellent in pies, and salads or can be eaten raw
🍎Red Delicious: A juicy, fruity apple that has a really good crunch making it an excellent choice for eating raw and since it has a longer shelf life it can be stocked and stored
🍏Kerr: Also known as mini apples can have a sweet, juicy and tarty flavor. You can preserve; make juice, jams and more
🍎Northern Sky: They are tart, eating and longest-storing apple and is mostly used by Bakers in pie recipes
🍏Gala and Empire: They both are sweet, crisp and all-purpose apples that can be used in desserts, pies, salads and more
🍎McIntosh: A sweet, red apple widely popular choice for jams and apple sauces

When all is said and done; Apple picking is a great fall/winter activity with a result so delicious that it will make you want more. Choose from Healthy Homemade Apple Crisp Bake or these Delicious Crescent Roll Apple Dumplings and it will be your favorite fall/winter bake this season:)

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